• Consider the U.S. and the Egyptian policies and practices that affect the economic relationship between the United States and Egypt. Consider the council members’ interests in increased trade and investment between the two countries and issue public statements on those policies and practices.
  • Serve as an advocate before executive officials and legislators in the United States and Egypt for council members’ interests in open trade, investment policies, and transparent, fair, and prudent regulatory practices in the two countries.
  • Provide advice and information on U.S.-Egyptian economic relations based on the views of council members to officials of the U.S. government, and to state and local governments in the United States.
  • Expand business ties between the United States and Egypt by providing opportunities for council members to meet senior Egyptian executives and discuss business and government policy matters of common interest.
  • Increase public understanding in the United States and Egypt about the importance of the economic relationship between the two countries, and develop support for the council’s positions on economic policies through public meetings and the broad dissemination of reports and press releases.
  • Hold conferences on business topics, technology, and government policy with American and Egyptian participants to encourage increased communication and business activity between the two countries.

Future Endeavors

  • The USEBC has ambitious plans to grow its membership. With additional member companies, council activities, advocacy priorities, and events will increase.
  • The USEBC will seek additional partners in the United States and Egypt to form initiatives in order to carry out the council's activities in various areas, such as entrepreneurship and technology transfers.
  • New events and conferences addressing bilateral trade priorities are in progress that will focus on investment in Egypt and intellectual property protection.
  • The council will strive to tackle legislative goals through policy working papers at the highest levels of government.
  • Most important, the council will work hard to take up the issues that impede bilateral commerce and work towards liberalizing trade barriers, creating new jobs, and expanding the economic links between Egypt and the United States.